3DWW Coffee Shop

Coffee Talk - Saturdays at 4:30 pm Eastern, and open 24/7 to just hang out with friends!

A Virtual Senior Center

Join friends for social hour, game night, movies and more. Room voice and small discussion voice channels available.

Balloon Game - Region 212

How many balloons can you pop in three minutes?

Canoe Ride - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon / Colorado River Experience -- Jump in a canoe and explore.

Fireworks Island

Sit on the beach and enjoy fireworks with your friends.

Game Room - Classic Arcade

Hang out with friends or fly solo enjoying fun games!

Holiday Region - Christmas

Public Region. Come by and enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Maze Shooter Game Beta

Check out the progress

Movie Theater

Check the event schedule for the next movie date and time.

Pumpkin Hollow

Welcome to Pumpkin Hollow. Enter if you dare!

SE3D Super Star Concert Arena

That special place where concerts for Superstar Entertainment, Golden Globe Entertainment and Progressive Edge Records

Zendzi Park

Public Park - Humans are welcome too! :)

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