Region Credits

Region Name: Edgar Allen Poe Literary Works and Quest
Region Description: Adventure. Explore the works of Edgar A. Poe. Complete our interactive quest or just wander and enjoy. This quest is available for both guests and members.
Region Owner: Evie_Marie

Thank you to the creators who built the following 3D objects located on this region. :

Bug -

cat - mark2580

Cauldron of Gold - Evie_Marie

Desk-cherry-lowpoly - Evie_Marie

dungeon poe - Evie_Marie

fireplace - filthycent

leather suitcase - Beginner_2_Pro

Library Room Study - Evie_Marie

Platform-wall and grass - Evie_Marie

Poe Excursion - Green Room Oval Portrait - Evie Marie, candelabra by BitGem

Poe-RavenRoom - Evie_Marie

rocking chair animated - xxdr06

room-RedWindows Black - Evie_Marie

Tropical Island -

Victorian House - Evie_Marie

Victorian Lounge Sofa - Jamie McFarlane

Victorian mailbox - Andy Shishkin

wax seal and letter - loic

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