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LiveMusic3D - Venue for Rent

Rent this venue for live music, comedy, seminars, live streams, podcasts, etc.

Meeting Room : Mountain Mystique (ID:118)

Meeting and discussion area for small groups. Conference table seats 8. Available for long term and short term rental. Contact customer support for assistance.

Photos/Gallery/Posters - Ready to Rent

This ready-to-rent region is equipped with canvases ready to hold your art, educational material, scrapbook photos, etc.

Ready Rental #077

Customized Gallery or Learning Room (created from template #115-477).

Ready Rental #055

Waterfall Meeting Room. This region is perfect for small group meetings and gatherings.

Ready Rental #076

LARGE, 2 Floor Building already designed with signs (learning room) or canvases (art gallery)- Creating your own 3D space is easy. Use one of our templates, like this one. Easily add your own art images as well as customize all textures, including the floors and walls.

Region built using Library Template 1178

Ready Rental - Winter Lodge

Winter Lodge

Rental Template #042-364

MEDIUM-SIZED Space Pre-designed with signs/canvases. Creating your own 3D space is easy. Use one of our templates, like this one. Easily add your own art images as well as customize all textures, including the floors and walls.

Rental Template #044-C : Blank Region

Build your entire region from scratch. Many templates and tools available. A blank region includes a land platform, a sky and an ocean. Start from there or clear the canvas and start from absolute scratch!

Rental Template #048-432

Virtual Office and Reception Landing Area. This template offers complete customization options.

Rental Template #052-3849

Rent this building, complete with physics (can't walk through walls). Furnish and decorate it yourself using our free shopping and library inventory. Building is prim-based, which means you can change the textures of walls, floors and ceilings. Want a different wallpaper or paint color? Easy peasy to switch it up.

Rental Template #054-415

Classroom and Exhibit Hall. Some customization available. External building is mesh and cannot be changed by users. Contact customer service for assistance.

Rental Template #061-1178

Large airy multi-purpose building ready to be decorated and outfitted to suit your needs using additional templates, the mesh library, or prims.

Rental Template #069-C

Virtual House Region complete with library and fireplace, meeting room, gameroom and empty room for you to decorate from scratch!

Rental Template #074-C

Elegant Mountain Resort Meeting Hall. Equipped with seating.

Rental Template #081-C

MEDIUM-SIZED Learning Space or Gallery - Rent this region today to share your artwork, photographs, or learning exhibit. It's easy - simply replace the numbered images with your own, using the 3DWW Building Tool Interface.

Rental Template #082-C

Winter Lodge or Small Meeting Room - Fast Loading. Complete with snow flurries outside the window, burning fireplace and fishtank.

Rental Template #092-1453

Classroom, Lecture Hall or Meeting space.

Rental Template #115-477

Art Gallery, Exhibit, or Learning Room. Prim-based, you can knock out a window and add another template (#477) to expand.

Rental Template #136-C

Large Meeting Space with several different seating sections.

Rental Template #150-C

Beach Terrain and Tropical Setting