3DWW Coffee Plaza & Visitor Center

Learn the basics. Meet with friends. Play games. Watch a movie. Learn more about 3DWW.

3DWW Public Library - Read a book!

Visit the library and lose yourself in a classic, meet with other book lovers, or join our mission of immersive literary experiences. WRITERS - be sure to check out our ADVENTURES. We have an active author community.

Charles Dickens Excursion and Field Trip

Community Virtual Library exhibit on Charles Dickens. Includes access to literature and research on the Victorian Era.

Edgar Allen Poe Literary Works and Quest

Adventure. Explore the works of Edgar A. Poe. Complete our interactive quest or just wander and enjoy. This quest is available for both guests and members.

Grand Canyon - Canoe Ride

Grand Canyon / Colorado River Experience -- Jump in a canoe and explore.

Jezero Crater, Mars - First Stop Learning Room

Learn about the geology of Mars and the Mars 2020 Mission - then step through the airlock to drive the Perseverance Rover and collect samples in search of ancient life! Separate excursions and lesson plan for different age groups. Worksheet and Lesson Plan by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Shakespeare - Literary Works and Globe Theater Excursion

Adventure. Visit the Globe Theater to read all of Shakespeare's work and learn more about this English playwright, poet, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.

Yvonne DeBandi, Author - Book Store & Museum

Book Store and Museum - Author Yvonne DeBandi
and Creative Writing Classroom

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GRID LISTINGS FOR: Writers - Words Matter

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Writer Exercise Round-A-Bout and Meeting Space

Try your hand at the writing exercises to increase your writing skills. Includes two meeting areas or quiet writing space.

Writer Exercises - Old Bank

Use the exercises provided to help you increase your writing skills. Create new scenes or a short story.

Writer Exercises or Role Play - Futuristic Scene

Use this animated futuristic scene to role play or as a writing exercise inspiration.

Writer Quest Lobo Part 1 - Dark Manor

Writer Quest - a thought provoking experience for writers. Created by Selby Evans and the Monday Writer Group from Nara's Nook

Writer Quest Lobo Part 2 - Fantasy Region

Writer Quest - a thought provoking experience for writers. Created by Selby Evans and the Monday Writer Group from Nara's Nook.

Writers World Home

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