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Excursion - Charles Dickens

Community Virtual Library exhibit on Charles Dickens. Includes access to literature and research on the Victorian Era.

Excursion : Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs of Virginia and Maryland

Excursion : Fossil Data Visualization

This region shows how 3dww can be used to better understand science (fossil) data in 3d.

Excursion : Fossil Data Visualization 2

Under Construction

Excursion : Moon Colony 2024

Our moon colony for a return to the moon in 2024

Excursion : World War II Review simulation

World War II review simulation

Excursion: Monarch Butterflies

Learn about the monarch butterfly life cycle in this immersion experience.

Excursion: Edgar Allen Poe Literary Works and Quest

Explore the works of Edgar A. Poe. Complete our interactive quest or just wander and enjoy. This quest is available for both guests and members.

Excursion: Geology tropical island

Excursion: Grand Canyon

Fly a helicopter in the Grand Canyon. Worksheet and Lesson Plan by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Excursion: Hell's Creek Montana

Explore this sim for dinosaurs in the classic badlands of Hell Creek, Montana. Worksheet and Lesson Plan by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Excursion: Jezero Crater, Mars

Learn about the geology of Mars and the Mars 2020 Mission - then step through the airlock to drive the Perseverance Rover and collect samples in search of ancient life! Separate excursions and lesson plan for different age groups. Worksheet and Lesson Plan by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Excursion: Medieval Castle

Historical Field Trip Idea. Mesh #536 in 3DWW Commons Library. Make your own Medieval Region. This is a very large build - you may need to reload after initial content download. Challenged graphics cards may have issues.(OAR Conversion by MisterBlue)

Excursion: Mole Hill, VA

Educational experience created by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Excursion: Natural History Museum

This museum contains exhibits from the Virginia Museum of Natural History

Excursion: Seasons

This is a simulation of the seasons for Northern and Southern Hemisphere

Excursion: Shakespeare - Globe Theater

Visit the Globe Theater to read all of Shakespeare's work and learn more about this English playwright, poet, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.

Excursion: Stonehenge

Educational Field Trip - Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe. Under-performing graphic cards will need to be patient on this region.

Excursion: The Solar System

Take a Virtual Walk through the Solar System.

Student Project: Pompeii

Under Construction. Educational excursion.