Building your Link Library

What is the Personal Link Library

You can build your links for use in multiple worlds or multiple objects. When you want to refer a user to the web link, you attach it to your geo-shape prim. It's really easy.

Open your Building Tools

Click the EDIT TOOLs button on the upper right of your screen to open the edit tools panel.

On the edit panel that opens, click the green button:.

Then click the Build Links button: .

Build Links Panel

Attach Link to a Geo-Shape Prim

In the Panel accessed from the main Edit Tool Option Menu, you can choose one interaction. The links you build on the panel above will be available from the pull-down menu.

For more information on the Edit Geo-Shape Panel, please see the Getting Started tutorial.


When a user focuses on the object where the link is assigned, they will receive a confirmation request. The title you choose will be noted in the confirmation, as indicated by the red arrow on the image.

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