How to Make a Door Open
How to Make an Object Larger on Focus
How to Change a Texture on Focus

Understanding the Magic

Making objects move in 3DWebWorldz is actually quite easy. You can open a door, change a texture, increase or decrease the size of objects as the user focuses on them.

Open your Building Tools

Click the EDIT TOOLs button on the upper right of your screen to open the edit tools panel.

On the edit panel that opens, click the green button:.

If you don't already have a geo-shape prim on your land, you will need to add one. Use the pull down menu under the Add Items to this Region to add a box or other shape.

Once your shape is added, click the under the Edit Items in this Region

You can use this simple item to practice your interaction effects.

For this tutorial, we are going to use the doors in the A2Z Train Station.

We have four Red Doors in the A2Z Train Station, so in order to easily keep track we added Left/Right Door and the location of SE and SW -- we arbitrarily declared the train to be North as we began building.

Let's Make it Happen

Find the object you want to move as a user focuses on it in your edit panel - use the to see the Geo-Prim shapes you have added.

Once you locate your object, click the button.

Use CNTRL+ALT+I to enter the "Building Inspector" and easily rearrange your object on screen to its interactive position.

Enter your NEW Position, Rotation, Scale information in the boxes provided.
Mouse Enter: Occurs when user focuses on object.

Mouse Exit: Occurs when user focus leaves the object.

For doors it is better to turn on Mouse Enter only. For everything else, if you want the object to return to its original state when the focus leaves the object, also turn on Mouse Exit.

Test Your Work

Save your changes, reload your world and try it out.

Need help? Contact us at the A2Z HelpDesk or flag us down in-world.

Have idea on how to improve this tutorial? Or for a new one? Let us know.

Thank you for visiting us and for your support! We look forward to seeing what you build using this brand new technology!

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