Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs Excursion and Field Trip

Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs of Virginia and Maryland

Game - Multiuser Balloon Pop - Region 212

How many balloons can you pop in three minutes? The game on this region requires avatars. Portal users should consider logging in. Guest logins welcome. No credentials required. Fun way to practice navigation and interaction coordination.

Game Room - Classic Arcade

Hang out with friends or fly solo enjoying fun games!

Geology Tropical Island - Excursion and Field Trip

Rocks and Fossils

Grand Canyon - Canoe Ride

Grand Canyon / Colorado River Experience -- Jump in a canoe and explore.

Grand Canyon - Helicopter Excursion and Field Trip

Fly a helicopter in the Grand Canyon. Worksheet and Lesson Plan by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Jezero Crater, Mars - First Stop Learning Room

Learn about the geology of Mars and the Mars 2020 Mission - then step through the airlock to drive the Perseverance Rover and collect samples in search of ancient life! Separate excursions and lesson plan for different age groups. Worksheet and Lesson Plan by Dr. William Schmachtenberg.

Jezero Crater, Mars - High School Data Collection

This is the site of the 2020 JPL mission to Mars

Jezero Crater, Mars - Middle School Data Collection

Density and fossil identification

Learn about Natural Remedies - Excursion and Field Trip

Taking Care of You. Learn about things everyone should know - but most don't. Region #246.

Learn about the Seasons - Field Trip

This is a simulation of the seasons for Northern and Southern Hemisphere

Maze Shooter Game Beta

Check out the progress

Medieval Castle and Town - A2Z Scavenger Hunt Game

A2Z Scavenger Hunt: Medieval Castle and Town. Region 250. Great way to enhance a medieval related lesson, or just a fun way to spend the afternoon - alone or with friends.

Monarch Butterflies Excursion and Field Trip

Learn about the monarch butterfly life cycle in this immersion experience.

Museum of Natural History, Virginia

This museum contains exhibits from the Virginia Museum of Natural History

Snowball Ornament Game

Public Region. Come by and enjoy the spirit of the holiday. Throw snowballs and bust the ornaments!

Solar System and Space Museum

Take a Virtual Walk through the Solar System.

Stonehenge - Excursion and Field Trip

Educational Field Trip - Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe. Under-performing graphic cards will need to be patient on this region.

Student Project - Moon base 2050

Moon Colony by student, Michael.

Student Project : Ecology Biome

Ecology biome

Student Project : My Dragon World by Petter (age 10)

Defeat the dragon to open the portal.

Student Project : My Dragon World II by Petter (age 9)

Petter added javascript to baby dragons to tell Dad Jokes 2020. This is portal two of the dragon game in progress.

Student Project : Save the Neighborhood Game by Sarah (age 10)

Explore Sarah's neighborhood and help out those you find needing assistance.

Student Project : Spiral Island by Mika (age 8)

Game - Find the hidden scrolls and blow up the pirate ship. Region created by 8 yr old, Mika, during five week course with Camp Dunnabeck 2.0.

Student Project : Story Game by Ava (age 10)

Follow the instructions and enjoy some role play.

Student Project : Tucker and his 3D Dimension by Grayson (age 14)

The world's biggest birthday party.

Student Project : Upside Down World by Lyndon (age 8)

Game - Collect the blue diamonds and open the magic portal. Region created by 8 year old Lyndon during a five week course with Camp Dunnabeck 2.0

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