3DWebWorldz A2Z Orientation

Welcome to 3DWW. Learn ten easy steps to get you started. Access to easy portal exploration. Join us for COffee Talk, every other Friday at 3pm Eastern.
3DWW Library - Portal: MyBookWorld3D.com

Visit the library and lose yourself in a classic, meet with other book lovers, or join our mission of immersive literary experiences.
LiveMusic3D - Effinjay Concert Stage

Join EFFINJAY for a live concert. Check events for next show date.


3DWW Default Regions

3DWebWorldz A2Z Orientation

Welcome to 3DWW. Learn ten easy steps to get you started. Access to easy portal exploration. Join us for COffee Talk, every other Friday at 3pm Eastern.

3DWebWorldz Train Station

Start here and choose a destination. Learn about what 3DWebWorldz has to offer!

3DWW Tutorial - Building 01 - Advanced ToolSet.

Introduction to Building on 3DWW, learn how to access and use the 3DWW Building Tools, Action Assignment.

3DWW Tutorial - Building 02 - Advanced Toolset

Introduction to the Building Inspector and visual editing tools. (Pre-requisite: Lesson 01)

Art Galleries, History and Education

3DWW Gallery Lobby - Portal: MyGallery3D.com

Visit the art gallery lobby to see our featured artists and galleries, as well as learn about our artist services. Take the elevator to any of our galleries or exhibits. SOCIAL MEETUPS every WED at 9pm Eastern.

Art Gallery - Ann Brown

Explore the artwork and creations of Ann Marie Brown (1888-1972).

Art Gallery - Don Margulis Photography

Visit a multi-room gallery featuring photographs with a "painterly" quality. Special feature - a room dedicated to images captured in various virtual worlds.

Art Gallery - Evie-Art

Explore the art and writings of Yvonne DeBandi (aka Evie Marie)

Art Gallery - Forrest Fortier

Explore the artwork and creations of Forrest Fortier. Browse the legacy collection and visit her store to bring one home to your living room.

Art Gallery - Linda

Virtual world photos with post processing to make unique art.

Art Gallery - Rik Brown

Explore a small fraction of Artist Rik Brown's Collection

Art Gallery - St. James Artisans

View a selection of work from the artists and craftspeople of the cooperative St. James Artisans Gallery located in southeastern North Carolina

Art History Exhibit - Charles Demuth

Visit this gallery that celebrates one of the leaders in the Precisionism Art Style and Movement, Charles Demuth (1883-1915). Please note this gallery is heavy on javascript and may cause issues with mobile devices.

Art History Exhibit : Claude Monet

Impressionism Collection for art lovers and educational field trips.

Dry Branch Ranch

The lighter side of Gates of O'brillin.

Gates of Obrillin

Gates of O'brillin Gothic Steampunk upcycled art by Miss Brenda and Lady Jai.

Star Maiden Ballroom

Welcome aboard the Star Maiden. Wander through to explore the Gates of O'brillin and Dry Branch Ranch. Explore the art of Miss Brenda and Lady Jai. Tours of the full Star Maiden coming soon.

Business, Conferences, Meeting Rooms

3DWW Office Lobby - Portal: MyOffice3D.com

Visit the virtual region rental office, meet with clients in the lobby before taking the elevator up the elevator to your office.

Conference Center

Meeting Area for Business, Organizations and Groups

Meeting Room 219 - PreSet for Presentation and Breakout Sessions

Meeting room preset with four tables - each having their own voice channel if desired (to allow for separate conversations in the room). Also preset to stream. Can be decorated with posters and objects for any event.

OFFICE: 3DWW A2Z / Evie_Marie Office

Virtual Office of Evie_Marie.

OFFICE: Alyse Dunavant Jones

Virtual Office of Alyse Dunavant Jones, Grant Specialist and Expert Librarian

OFFICE: JWheels Productions

Office of Jamie Jordan, RAW and Gaming Uncensored

OFFICE: Selby Evans


SmartActionSoftware HeadQuarters

Attend free workshops. Check the event calendar for the next scheduled workshop.

Educational Classrooms, Field Trips & Libraries
*for SingSmart Music Academy, please click the MusicEd directory button.

3DWW Campus Lobby - Portal: MySchool3D.com

MySchool3D Main Lobby

CAMPUS: A2Z SingSMART Music Academy

Academy Main Entrance and access to SingSMART classrooms. Private Voice Lessons Studio.

CAMPUS: Camp Dunnabeck 2.0

Summer Camp 2020 - PRIVATE REGION. Registered Camp Members, Staff and Parents Only.

Classroom - Dr. Schmachtenberg, Earth Science Class

Central meeting location with Teleports. FCHS Lobby for Dr. William Schmachtenberg's Earth Science class at Franklin County High School

Classroom / Meeting Room #144

Large space with 7 seats.

Classroom: ISTE VEN

ISTE (http://iste.org) Virtual Environments Network

Community Virtual Library

Community Virtual Library is the hub that connects digital citizens in virtual worlds with the information and resources they seek. Come on in, but please note we are still under construction.

MySchool3D.com - Sample Quiz Region

Community classroom and meeting area. This region also demonstrates our QUIZ TOOL. Visit it and take our fun quiz. Get started by pressing the QuizQuest button at bottom right of screen.

OFFICE: Bay Ridge Prep School

Under Construction

Event Regions, Live Music Events and More.
*Did you know that 3DWW hosts parties? Throw a celebration where friends and family around the world can attend.

3DWW Event Lobby - Portal: LiveMusic3D.com

Venue entrances and a place to meet with your friends before a show.

Comedy House and Venue Stage

Join Selby for a live comedy event and more.

DJ Bill Blight Beach

Live DJ Stream - dance in the sand!

DJ Rosa_Alekseev

Club Reggae Life Rosa Alekseev´s Art Gallery

LiveMusic3D - Alex Mays

Join Alex Mays for Live Video Concert. Check the Event Schedule for his next show.

LiveMusic3D - Effinjay Concert Stage

Join EFFINJAY for a live concert. Check events for next show date.

LiveMusic3D - James Olmos Concert Stage

Join James Olmos for a live concert. Check events for next show date.

LiveMusic3D - Liz Aday Concert Stage

Join LizAday for a live concert. Check events for next show date.

LiveMusic3D - Tamra Hayden Ballroom

Check the event schedule for the next show listing.

LiveMusic3D - Whirli Live - Underwater Club 224

Whirli Placebo Live in Concert with Video! Eclectic musician with originals and unique arrangements. Check the event calendar for the next performance date.

SingSmart, Not Hard Music Academy
Ten Steps to Singing Success
*The SSNH Academy is still under construction, but come on in and use the available resources!

Regions Ready to Rent

*Rent and Customize your own 3DWW Region. These regions are walk-in ready! Affordable options with set-up assistance. You can even embed your 3DWW in your own webpage!

LiveMusic3D - Venue for Rent

Rent this venue for live music, comedy, seminars, live streams, podcasts, etc.

Meeting Room : Mountain Mystique (ID:118)

Meeting and discussion area for small groups. Conference table seats 8. Available for long term and short term rental. Contact customer support for assistance.

Photos/Gallery/Posters - Ready to Rent

This ready-to-rent region is equipped with canvases ready to hold your art, educational material, scrapbook photos, etc.

Ready Rental #077

Customized Gallery or Learning Room (created from template #115-477).

Ready Rental #055

Waterfall Meeting Room. This region is perfect for small group meetings and gatherings.

Ready Rental #076

LARGE, 2 Floor Building already designed with signs (learning room) or canvases (art gallery)- Creating your own 3D space is easy. Use one of our templates, like this one. Easily add your own art images as well as customize all textures, including the floors and walls.

Region built using Library Template 1178

Ready Rental - Winter Lodge

Winter Lodge

Rental Template #042-364

MEDIUM-SIZED Space Pre-designed with signs/canvases. Creating your own 3D space is easy. Use one of our templates, like this one. Easily add your own art images as well as customize all textures, including the floors and walls.

Rental Template #044-C : Blank Region

Build your entire region from scratch. Many templates and tools available. A blank region includes a land platform, a sky and an ocean. Start from there or clear the canvas and start from absolute scratch!

Rental Template #048-432

Virtual Office and Reception Landing Area. This template offers complete customization options.

Rental Template #052-3849

Rent this building, complete with physics (can't walk through walls). Furnish and decorate it yourself using our free shopping and library inventory. Building is prim-based, which means you can change the textures of walls, floors and ceilings. Want a different wallpaper or paint color? Easy peasy to switch it up.

Rental Template #054-415

Classroom and Exhibit Hall. Some customization available. External building is mesh and cannot be changed by users. Contact customer service for assistance.

Rental Template #061-1178

Large airy multi-purpose building ready to be decorated and outfitted to suit your needs using additional templates, the mesh library, or prims.

Rental Template #069-C

Virtual House Region complete with library and fireplace, meeting room, gameroom and empty room for you to decorate from scratch!

Rental Template #074-C

Elegant Mountain Resort Meeting Hall. Equipped with seating.

Rental Template #081-C

MEDIUM-SIZED Learning Space or Gallery - Rent this region today to share your artwork, photographs, or learning exhibit. It's easy - simply replace the numbered images with your own, using the 3DWW Building Tool Interface.

Rental Template #082-C

Winter Lodge or Small Meeting Room - Fast Loading. Complete with snow flurries outside the window, burning fireplace and fishtank.

Rental Template #092-1453

Classroom, Lecture Hall or Meeting space.

Rental Template #115-477

Art Gallery, Exhibit, or Learning Room. Prim-based, you can knock out a window and add another template (#477) to expand.

Rental Template #136-C

Large Meeting Space with several different seating sections.

Rental Template #150-C

Beach Terrain and Tropical Setting

Social Regions, Sandboxes and Public Regions Under Construction by Users

*These regions were created and made available to you by some of our 3DWW Residents.

3DWW Coffee Shop - Portal: MyHub3D.com

Hang out with friends in this cozy coffee zhop. Great meeting place!

3DWW Sandbox - Building Classes and Practice Region

Building Practice Sandbox for 3DWW Members - Please contact Evie_Marie to obtain building rights, via Private IM or through Discord (Click Discord button on right vertical toolbar).

Balloon Game - Region 212

How many balloons can you pop in three minutes? The game on this region requires avatars. Portal users should consider logging in. Guest logins welcome. No credentials required. Fun way to practice navigation and interaction coordination.

Canoe Ride - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon / Colorado River Experience -- Jump in a canoe and explore.

Game Room - Classic Arcade

Hang out with friends or fly solo enjoying fun games!

Maze Shooter Game Beta

Check out the progress

Movie Theater

Check the event schedule for the next movie date and time.

Pumpkin Hollow Halloween

Welcome to Pumpkin Hollow. Enter if you dare!

Snowball Ornament Game

Public Region. Come by and enjoy the spirit of the holiday. Throw snowballs and bust the ornaments!

Virtual Senior Center

Join friends for social hour, game night, movies and more. Room voice and small discussion voice channels available.

Writer's World

Regions devoted to those that love to write.

Private Regions

*If you do not have access permissions to these regions and attempt to teleport, you will be redirected to the A2Z Train Station
  Z2A-Sandbox 068  :   Adam - Virtual Book - Under Construction
  8BitAtelier - Region #250  :   Under Construction Region #250
  Alyse's Sandbox - Region 217  :   Under Construction
  Awakening - Sandbox 227  :   Under Construction
  Awakening - Sandbox 228  :   Under Construction
  Bay Ridge Prep - Region I - Art and Music  :   Under Construction
  Bay Ridge Prep SandBox  :   Training Area for Bay Ridge Prep Computer Club
  Coughran_Mayo -Sandbox  :   Sandbox
  Dae Miami - Under Construction Region 213  :   Under Construction - Region 213
  Dani - Writer Training - Once Upon a Goal   :   Visit the spaceship and hone your writing skills. Coach: Dani Adventures
  Digital Detective Training Park - Region 218  :   Under Construction
  Eos Renascent - Luna  :   Under Construction
  Francisco's Region #248  :   Francisco's Sandbox - Under Construction Region #248
  HumbleTim - Region #254  :   Under Construction Region #254
  Jamie Jordan Sandbox  :   Sandbox
  Mganchi Sandbox - Region #251  :   Under Construction Region #251
  Rias Gremory - Region #249  :   Under Construction Region #249
  Sandbox - Kitty_SweetKitty  :   Under Construction
  Sandbox - Leighton  :   MST2
  Sandbox - Nathan Adored  :   Nathan
  Sandbox - Vitazu  :   Private Region
  shawnm - Region #252  :   Under Construction Region #252
  Under Construction Region #247  :   Under Construction Region #247
  Z2A Art Sandbox 78  :   Art Gallery Two Story
  Z2A Art Sandbox 98  :   Gallery for Masterpieces. Gallery Created by A-Hoot
  Z2A Sandbox 025  :   Terrain - Tree Ring
  Z2A-Sandbox 035  :   NEEDS OPT - IST Campus (OAR conversion by MisterBlue) Virtual Campus Oar Conversion Test Example.
  Z2A-Sandbox 164  :   Dark Manor - Software App experiment
  Z2A-Sandbox 187  :   Teacher Lounge - under construction
  Z2AX New Region 135  :   ARt Gallery Templater
  ZZZ - Hidden Canyon Survival Game - Region 215  :   Under Construction
  ZZZ - Ready to Rent - Gallery #81  :   Ready to Rent
  ZZZ - Ready to Rent - House Template #69  :   Ready to Rent
  ZZZArchive - Sandboxed Paradise II   :   Sandboxed Paradise as one large region
  ZZZArchive - Sandboxed Paradise III  :   Sandboxed Paradise - Larger Region Test
  Evie's Dev Oasis  :   Mesh and script Experiments
  Evie's House  :   House
  MissBrenda Home  :   Miss Brenda's Home
  TerriTam_TT Residence  :   TT's Sanctuary
  Space Station  :   Space Hideout
  Earth - Astronaut Office at Space Center  :   Under Construction - Region 236
  Earth - Hotel in Idaho  :   Under Construction - Region 234
  Earth - Morris Restaurant  :   Under Construction - Region 232
  Earth - Office and Mission Control  :   Under Construction - Region 230
  Earth -Abandoned Office Park  :   Under Construction - Region 233
  Earth -Rib Joint  :   Under Construction - Region 231
  Moon - Conrad Station Bar  :   Under Construction - Region 237
  Moon - Conrad Station Docking Ring and Attached Crawler  :   Under Construction - Region 239
  Moon - Conrad Station Hab  :   Under Construction - Region 238
  Moon - Interior Hab 18  :   Under Construction - Region 242
  Moon - Interior Nil's Hab  :   Under Construction - Region 243
  Moon - Lunar Exterior Earth Shine Gap  :   Under Construction - Region 241
  Moon - Lunar Exterior Mare Frigoris (Crawler and Hopper)  :   Under Construction - Region 240
  Sandbox - Torn  :   Writers World - Torn
  A to Zendzi Book 01 : A is for Animals  :   Learn about Animals from A to Z - A Work in Progress
  Art History Museum - Van Gogh  :   Under Construction 165
  Excursion : Rocky Mount Virginia  :   Rocky Mount Virginia - Under Construction
  Z2A Inspiration Project 53  :   Sandbox
  Writers World Home  :   Under Construction